They say a paladin’s light is so great that makes them blind to the real world around them….  Well makes them blind to anything but their magnanimous ego anyway… 😛


A DM Scorned!!


Happy new year everybody!!!

A new session begins for our friends! and the dm is humming happily! while the players oblivious start a geeky argument … well not all! 😛

I hope you can tell what song Damian is humming!! I had help for this from my dear friend Christine and the internet since i have no understanding of music whatsoever ( well i do know what sounds annoy me :P) !!!



This is the month of us Geeks venturing outdoors to meet others of our kind, socialise , play, more socialise and then back in our hobbit holes!!

Soooo a little pause for rest is a necessity since social interactions if not in the presence of avatars are indeed tiresome!!!

P.S. And there is much more to come since the Kotei is in our doorstep and DnD lots of that and not in our lairs! 🙂