They say a paladin’s light is so great that makes them blind to the real world around them….  Well makes them blind to anything but their magnanimous ego anyway… 😛


Into The Wild Black Yonder


And thus it begins …

Will they be able to face the horrors that wait them? Or Doom will cover their every breath…

One is certain… Damian is going to enjoy it!!! 😛

Just an Other Message!!

Hello everyone

As you might have noticed we experienced some trouble with the site… well I tried and tried to fix it but somewhere in between a nervous breakdown and a withdrawal syndrome it was decided by gods and friends alike to leave the effort to the capable hands oh my friend and Master, Skiarxon!

He as you can see made the site operational again since HE IS THE MASTER  and spared me from despair and disgrase ! Thank you Master I believe I shall force you to help many more times in the future 😛


Now there were some changes I Decided not to re upload the old posts! There are many reasons for this but the main one is that they are more trouble for me and for the future of Botch than they are joy! I love them all since I made them, well some less than others, but they needed to go!

So not to prolong you will see that botch begins from Chapter 9 and I hope it will continue for many more chapters! I may upload some of the art and the traveling Botch since they are mainly my work in the words and in the art but not for now!


It has been a difficult and strange year for both me and for Botch but I Hope things will go better from now on! If not so I shall send Mevil to kick some serious ass !

Thanks for all of your support it was important and it is what keeps this comic going! The only important thing after all is the people who read and enjoy a work of art not so much the drama of the people behind it!

And that exactly has always been my dream regarding this comic and my intantion on its birth, to make people laugh and escape the realities that this world has burdened us with! At least that is what it does for me when I am creating it!! J


So Friends have fun enjoy and of Course GAME ON!! ❤ ❤ ❤


Christmas !!


For me and I imagine for many others these Holydays are dedicated to Star wars!

I looooooved it !!! The only problem is that there is not enough money for all the merchandise out there! Mevil shares the same concern as me! Thus the scavenging 🙂

Have fun for the rest of the holydays and May the Force be with you!

Darkness Rising


The First blow was given by the players but you know what they say, the Dungeon Master’s revenge is slow and terrifying!

And So this concludes the 9th chapter of botch which makes me think that I did not made a cover for this chapter… I guess that happens when hell breaks loose in a pocket dimension!

Until next week! May the Force be with you!





This is the month of us Geeks venturing outdoors to meet others of our kind, socialise , play, more socialise and then back in our hobbit holes!!

Soooo a little pause for rest is a necessity since social interactions if not in the presence of avatars are indeed tiresome!!!

P.S. And there is much more to come since the Kotei is in our doorstep and DnD lots of that and not in our lairs! 🙂