A New Message to the Readers!!!

Hello Specters and Hobbits,


As you can see there are a few changes in the lettering !

Well I took the advise of some good people in https://www.facebook.com/groups/55344373484/ and made some upgrades! Thank you all for your helpful comments!! ❤ ❤ ❤

Then I found a great font in http://www.blambot.com/ and I now am working with that!

Thank you blambot!! Much appreciated !!

Oh Dear … the journey for some descent lettering has just began the good think is I am learning fast! As a matter of fact everything is a learning process with this comic, with some lessons  harder than others!


Now back to the point! Next week there will be no new update! I too have to have some vacation time ( every three years or so ) those rusty old bones need some relaxing and gaming and swimming and gaming and sunbathing and did I mention gaming??! But after my return we will have a bonus travel Botch! ( my favorite of Botches! XD ) and then back on schedule and probably with two updates each weak. I cant promise anything for certain but returning back into the regular schedule is a top priority !!

Also Botch! will be launching in twiter and other scary social media places… my phobia of talking via the internet grows… well not unless a certain MMORG is involved… but my warlock is well rested into the Forests of Silvermoon and he lets me do the talking! Evil warlock person!! T_T


End of rambling! Thank the Gods of the Underdark! And Game On!!!!!!


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